Bending over backwards to be who others want you to be?

We can sacrifice our true self without our awareness. At the slightest hint of disapproval we compromise our values. When we feel others’ attention is waning, we start to tell partial truths. We say “yes” when we mean “no.” This eats away at our self esteem and self love. Before we know it, we are bending over backwards to be who others want us to be, and living the expectations that others have for us instead of our own.

It takes courage to change this, especially if it’s been a habitual pattern. You can feel empty and depleted, and disconnected from your own needs. The cost is high. Standing for yourself with love will give you your life back and your power. The next time you feel inclined to do this, allow these statements to move through you;

My power lies in my ability to love myself at all costs!

I live up to my expectations only unless mutually agreed upon with another.