Mutual Awakening Practice for Couples & Individuals

Looking to strengthen your connection in relationships in magical ways? The Mutual Awakening Practice can be done with a friend, family member or partner. There are four teaching modules required to learn the practice of Mutual Awakening. Upon completion there will be custom guided sessions added to work through your personal issues/processes with One-on-One Coaching included.

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“In an Evolutionary Relationship, being vulnerable means having the strength and maturity to accept the totality of our experience and being open to the truth of the moment in a real, authentic manner.”


Dale Sparage relationship coach San Francisco bay area

Dale Sparage

Dale Sparage is a Love & Relationship Coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She helps people become unstuck, and evolve their relationships to new levels of mutual trust and engagement. Dale has deep experience as a coach and creates a warm, comfortable space in which to safely explore relationship patterns.