Happy New Year – Stop self abandoning


It’s a new year, this means high expectations, plans, resolutions, and intentions, for some that is.  If you have gone through a break-up or divorce recently or even in the past several years, you might not be in this happy place. You may instead be at an all-time low around this time of year.

It doesn’t have to be this way, you can start to alleviate pain and regain balance by taking the time you need for yourself.  The worst thing about feeling isolated and in a funk, is that we judge ourselves for it, if you’re like me sometimes you need time alone for renewal.

By allowing yourself this time, you’re offering yourself the care you need. By feeling and caring for your needs you offer comfort and become totally present to you!  This is what you’d want a good friend to do, right?

Come along with me on a journey to learn this transformative skill of turning towards yourself with loving compassion instead of harsh judgment and negative self talk.

This year give yourself the gift of learning how to move beyond your pain and deeply care for yourself.

Receive a new perspective on your future, one with a renewed sense of hope.  Become prepared, aware and empowered.  Take the journey of the 5 Steps of the Conscious Uncoupling system.

The steps of Conscious Uncoupling will lead you to stop Self Abandoning and allow you to experience a sense of freedom that you may have never experienced before.

  • Evolve beyond your painful and overwhelming feelings
  • Begin to stand for yourself 100%
  • Learn how to stop giving your power away
  • Get support creating healthy boundaries with ex-partners or toxic relationships

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I would love to support you through the Steps of Conscious Uncoupling