Shed what’s no longer needed

It’s the time of year to shed what’s no longer needed, to plant seeds to give birth to new intentions. My granddaughter, Sage, I watch her grow, almost three, first walking then speaking, constructing her ideas and feelings about herself and the world around her. Beliefs that she will create her life through.


It’s important for us to know what beliefs we are holding onto because they are still creating our life.

Sieving through the layers of beliefs, taking inventory of what’s motivating the thoughts and actions we take, can mean the difference between thriving in a life we love or hiding out in the depth of the past which holds us back from being present and open to the possibilities that are waiting for us. In Step Three of Calling In “The One” we unpack beliefs that have been holding us back and delve deeply into who we truly are today in this moment in our lives and what we want to create.