The one relationship that can make you whole

What is your vision of love?

When my boyfriend and I first got together, we lived in SoCal. It was new. It was beautiful. There were tons of places to explore. As we ventured through the eerie rocks in Anza Borrega and saw strange trees in Joshua Park, there was a parallel expedition occurring; our unfurling relationship.

When we broke up two years ago, I faced the difficult fact that my third long term relationship didn’t work out. I felt intense feelings of overwhelming pain and found myself with recurring thoughts:

  • “disappointed, again, in love”
  • “love just isn’t meant for me”
  • “I am not enough to have the love that I want”

During my work with Katherine Woodard Thomas, I was presented with the remarkable idea she named “Conscious Uncoupling.” I invite you to explore more of this concept through my website

Step Three of the Conscious Uncoupling Program offers a different take on the beliefs I listed above. First, the thoughts I listed are old and have lived in my body for a long time. If I were to guess, I’d say since I was about nine years old. Second, they are not true!

I learned a truth about myself in Step Three; I am on this earth to love and be loved, and Life and the Universe are aligning with me every moment to have the love I truly desire!

Doing the work of Conscious Uncoupling made me realize that a painful break-up –though a momentary setback– is a perfect opportunity to wake up out of a trance and have a miraculous breakthrough!

This single idea changed my life!

I began to focus on myself and make changes, putting new skills into practice. Showing up differently brought different responses and different results from men.

The old patterns melted away. I felt better about myself and cultivated a deep connection with my feelings and needs. I honored and respected myself in ways I never had before. I spoke the truth about who I truly was and believed it.

Out with the old pattern of self-abandoningI remained steadfast with ME.

I am single and I am deeply loved. I finally feel whole; a completeness that I haven’t felt in many years, if ever at all. I know that one person has my back, and will always and forever be there for me, that person is ME!

I’m curious, what is your vision for love? Is it realistic? Is it healthy?

How does a conversation about these questions sound? It can be tough to find a listener who is genuinely invested in your growth.

I have a passion for supporting others as they expand their love and connection to themselves. Trust me when I say that your life will be positively impacted on many levels.

I invite you to call in the love you long for.